September 18, 2017

Changes in Flora and Fauna Since Thoreau’s Time

Peter Allen
World Renowned Naturalist, Ecotourism Guide and Author of 15 books

Tin Mountain Conservation Ctr - Albany, NH

Time: 9:30 am

Peter Alden lives in Concord MA. As as young boy he developed a love of the natural world.

This interest in nature has led him to a career in the study of our environment. He is considered to be an authority on birds and larger mammals of the world and is often consulted by the media and the ecotourism industry for his expertise.

Today’s world is vastly different than the one Thoreau experienced and wrote about 150 years ago. Peter will speak to us about how the New England landscape, its use and misuse, has changed over the years. Through his lecture we will learn how and why these changes occurred and what effect it has had upon birds, mammals and plants.

To find out more about Peter Allen - click here to visit his website.