September 17, 2018

Plants Impact On Our Culture,
Society & Diets

Ralph Lutjen
Master Gardener & MGC Member

Tin Mountain Conservation Ctr - Albany, NH

Time: 9:00 am

This is our first meeting of our new fiscal year and a time to start planning for all the interesting programs and projects to come.

We will review the previous year and upcoming events followed by Ralph Lutjenā€™s lecture and presentation.

Today we have a bounty of high quality food of incredible variety. How we acquire this wealth and where it came from is an interesting story. Our human history has been transformed by how we have used and adapted plants for our consumption.

A selection of plants will be described by covering their native origin, how they became important in shaping history, and their development into a major food source.

Many of the plants described have had far reaching impact on culture and society in addition to changing diets.