imageFebruary 12, 2018
* alternate Date in case of snow = February 26th
The Art of Growing Mushrooms
Stephanie Doyle - Education Director &
Eric Milligan - Grower, Co-Owner NH Mushroom Company

Salyards Center for the Arts -Time: 9:30am

Many of us grew up with canned mushrooms, hardly knowing what a fresh mushroom looked like. Now even our local grocery stores offer many different varieties. Recipes may call for crimini, chanterelle, morel or oyster mushrooms.

But where do they come from and how do they differ from each other? Are any of those we see growing in the woods while hiking safe to eat?

The NH Mushroom Co. is a certified organic business located in nearby Tamworth. Stephanie Doyle, the Education Director, will share with us her extensive knowledge of all things mushroom from growing and foraging to how they differ in flavor and texture. Eric Milligan, the Co-Owner of the NH Mushroom Co., will also speak about his love affair with these flavorful fungi.

To find out more about the NH Mushroom Co. - click for website