March 2018 - Growing a Cutting Garden
Nancy Stedman - Master Gardener - Owner, Little Flower Farm

It's two days before first day of Spring and the weather was cold and windy. Inspired by the informative program on that we had planned, 70 members and guests came to the Salyards Center to get all the best tips on how to grow your own cutting garden.

Hospitality created a wonderful spread of tasty goodies influenced by a colorful Spring theme. President - Wendy McVey, Cancer Awareness Chair - Lee Coffield and CIP Chair - Norma Whitmore, presented a check to Jen's Friends (a local cancer support organization) in the amount of $650. Wendy then presided over a brief business meeting. Norma Whitmore and Kathy Kozeill covered upcoming projects and events including: CIP, Art In Bloom, Plant Sale (just to name a few). Our monthly raffle once again offered wonderful prizes - the proceeds of the raffle supports our community projects and scholarships.

We celebrated Louise Richards 96th birthday and we had two new members join. After the break we started the program from Master Gardener, Nancy Stedman.

Nancy describes herself as a gardener “out of control.” She led us step-by-step in the process of setting up our own cutting garden. Nancy discussed great ideas on what flowers work best for arrangements, and how, where and when to plant them. She shared what she has learned, having run the Little River Flower Farm, a certified organic farm in Buxton, Maine, for the past 20 years. Her philosophy is “be kind to nature and it will reward you tenfold”.

To find out more about the Little River Flower Farm - click here to visit her website.