January 2018 - How to Take Quality Photos in Your Own Garden
Kathy & Ed Bergeron - Noted Photographers, Nature Enthusiasts, MGC Members

The first meeting of 2018 welcomed a total of 50 members and guests to the Salyards Center for the Arts. It was a cold winter day of about 20 degrees which was preceded by a very snowy and windy weekend. Compared to the bitterly cold week before, it felt like a warming trend.

Hospitality set out a beautiful winter skiing themed table filled with a scrumptious spread of treats and goodies.

President, Wendy McVey reported on the many activities and projects that the club is currently involved in.

We had a short break, raffle prize drawing and then jumped into our featured program.

Kathy and Ed Bergeron, MGC Members, have been serious amateur nature photographers for many years. They are avid outdoor enthusiasts and have taught a number of photography workshops at Tin Mountain Conservation Center. Kathy exhibits some of her works with the League of NH Craftsmen.

They have photographed scenery and wildlife all around the world, including Canada, Arizona, the Alps, Yellowstone National Park, Kenya, as well as at Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France and have just returned from Africa.

Kathy and Ed shared their expertise and to inspire us to learn how to capture our gardens and those we visit through the lens of our own cameras. They specialized their presentation on the use of mobile devices such as phones and tablets since that is what the majority of people use these days. They gave great tips and techniques on how to effectively use those devices and what to concentrate on when taking flora and fauna photos. It was a wonderful presentation and very educational for everyone in attendance.