June 2017 - Annual June Meeting and Luncheon
Stonehurst Manor - North Conway, NH

What a beautiful day for our Annual June Meeting and Luncheon with 68 members and guests in attendance at the lovely, historic Stonehurst Manor in North Conway, NH. Organized by Luncheon Events Committee, Debbie Bryant, Cindy Katsapetses and Marlene Lawton, the event went off without a hitch. Laurie McAleer and Kathy Koziell did an great job of selling raffle tickets which goes to support all of our activities and scholarships.

President, Wendy McVey, officiated for the special occasion and reviewed all our wonderful activities that transpired over the past fiscal year. She thanked all the Chair people, Committees, Special Projects and all the members alike for all their hard work this past year. She also reviewed some of the future projects for the coming year. It was wonderful to have so many new members at the luncheon as well as some long time members who had a chance to chat and socialize.

Awards Chair, Annie Ficke, announced the list of awards that the club received from both National Garden Clubs (NGC) and New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs (NHFGC) at the NHFGC 84th Annual meeting which was held in Derry, NH on May 24th, 2017 and acknowledged those who had created the entity for which the award was given. Russ Lanoie (who attended with his wife, Joan) was honored at the meeting with the NHFGC Community Star award which is given to a non Garden Club member for outstanding contributions to the community.

Nine Awards were received at the aforementioned NHFGC meeting. They are divided into two categories – National Garden Clubs - Extra Large Club and New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs - Large Club awards.

National Garden Club Awards
1. Publicity Press Book Award - 2nd – Janice Andrews
2. Membership Publication Award for MGC Brochure – DD Warren
3. Promotion DVD Certificate of Merit – "MGC Year-In-Review" – John Bruni
4. TV Video for “Art in Bloom” Certificate of Merit – Overall Winner Presented to Suzanne Scolamiero (star of the video) for Laura Slitt (person who filmed and produced the video)
New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs Awards
1. Debbi Nutter Landscape Award for Gary Millen Stadium at Kennett High School - Green & Lilac Rosette – Ralph Lutjen
2. Community Improvement Award for Gardens at North Conway Community Center – Bob Santoro
3. Yearbook Award - 1st Place – DD Warren
4. Scrapbook Award - 2nd Place – Kathy Koziell
5. Community Star Award for District 1 - presented to Russ Lanoie (See last photo - pictured with Annie Ficke who presented him with the award)

It was, once again, a lovely event and set the stage for the summer activities, the new fiscal year and the events and projects ahead.