May 2017 - Growing Peonies in North Country Gardens
Marion Schafer- Owner - Peonies of the Coos Riviera

It was a typical Spring day on this Monday when approximately 60 members and guests. There was a brief business meeting the members were treated to "everything you ever wanted to know about growing peonies" with expert growe,r Marion Schafer, who owns and operates the "Peonies of the Coos Riviera" in Dalton, NH.

Marion’s presentation “Growing Peonies in North Country Gardens” included cultural information and photos taken in the gardens of the peonies that she grows (see some of them below). She also inroduced us to peony history, nomenclature and flower forms.

Different peony species were described with special attention given to hybrids. Plants showing promise in this region were highlighted with considerations to our zone and to climate change. Members especially enjoyed the Q and A session which provided so much information on all those burning questions regarding bloom time, how to handle the ants (that naturally come along with the bloom and storing the buds to be opened later. All of this information can be found on her website (see link below).

Just above the Connecticut River in New Hampshire’s Coos County more than a hundred varieties of peonies come alive starting in late May and continuing until early July. It is open from noon until four during the bloom season. Directions can be found on the website