April 2019 - Lunch & Learn: My Approach to Working with Nature
Jamie Colen - Fuller Gardens Horticulturist & Entomologist

It was a cold Spring day that was mostly rain but that did not deter our members and guests from attending. Seventy members and guests joined us for this great presentation from garden designer, author and lecturer, Betty Sanders. After a brief business meeting which was conducted by Past President, Wendy McVey, we enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Red Fox Bar and Grille Restaurant in Jackson.

Members had an opportunity at the break to sign up for our many projects which will be starting soon for all our spring and summer activities. After the lunch, Jamie gave us some great growing tips learned from his many years of experience.

Jamie Colen is the garden director at Fuller Gardens in North Hampton, NH. His approach is that we need to work with nature, not against it. Too often we do not take the time to observe nature enough to understand the balance. This is true with the respect to pests that are often maligned and treated with harsh chemicals that upset the predator/prey balance.

He insists that careful observation can help gardeners avoid bad choices. Soil makeup and care is of massive importance - we should not look at soil as simply being a sponge that holds water. Soil is teeming with life forms and their role must be understood in order for plants to thrive – feed the soil so the soil feeds the plants. Jamie has been a rose consultant for the City of Boston and speaks frequently to garden clubs across New England.

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