September 2016 - Delectable Flowers in the Kitchen and on the Plate
Susan Zuger - Artist, Gardener, Cooking Enthusiast

It was a beautiful September day when the MGC returned to Tin Mountain Conservation Center for the eleventh year to kickoff our new season of programs.  Hospitality, once again, created all kinds of delectable items based around a lovely fall harvest theme. We had 75 members and guests in attendance.

President, Wendy McVey presented Tin Mountain with a donation from the club which was accepted by Lori Kinsey and Donna Dolan of TMCC. This was our first official meeting of our new fiscal year and was a perfect time to start planning for all the interesting programs and projects to come.

Treasurer, Len Whitmore reviewed our financials and the upcoming budget which was passed unanimously. Norma Whitmore and Lee Coffield presented the sale of Amaryllis bulbs fundraiser to benefit Jen's Friends (a local support foundation for cancer patients and their familes). Wendy announced the upcoming events that members could sign up for including the October Lunch and Learn, the aforementioned bulb planting workshops and the November Workshops. It was noted that signups for the Holiday Boutique workshops would be done at the November meeting.

We had a very special video presentation by John Bruni which highlighted all the many activities that the club worked on in our last fiscal year (2015-2016). Included in the video (which was set to music) were: the fundraisers, CIP, environmental projects and club events.

After the break, Susan Zuger gave a wonderful demonstration of how to use flowers not only as a garnish but to create delectable items that are a feast for the palate as well as the eye. She was enomously entertaining and knowledgable on the subject of how to use flowers in every form possible. Needless to say, this was one of our best fall presentations ever.

Some of our members wanted Susan's suggestions on Gardening, Reference Books & Pressing Flowers click here to view her notes on those subjects.